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What is pilot 360

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PILOT-360 is the most efficient and cost-effective way to ensure the psychometric ability of a candidate for successful training and a successful airline career, and to avoid disappointment and frustration for all stakeholders.

We use the measuring dimensions directly related to the nine pilot competencies.

Being a professional pilot is a very demanding role and is directly linked to the safety of an airline’s passengers and its financial health. To increase operational safety, the civil aviation training community has globally started to shift from the traditional task-based training to competency based training and assessment. This is where PILOT-360 was formed.

Why pilot 360?


PILOT-360 offers efficient psychometric assessments, leading to significant cost savings by reducing high failure rates from inadequate selection processes.


Safety is paramount. PILOT-360 ensures pilots meet rigorous standards, directly impacting passenger safety and airline financial health.


PILOT-360 identifies ideal pilot candidates based on specific requirements, delivering those with essential competencies efficiently.


Rooted in EASA and ICAO competencies, PILOT-360 focuses on relevant skills, marking a shift from task-based to competency-based assessments.

4 measuring

4 measuring


Basic mental

Components are: memory capacity, speed and accuracy of information processing (perception, classification, transformation), spatial abilities (static), technical comprehension, reasoning(information processing with basic figures), logic abilities, long-term concentration.


Composit mental

Components are: allocation of attention, multi-tasking (different tasks combined), psycho motor abilities (pursuit tracking; compensatory tracking), spatial abilities (dynamic).



Components are: problem solving and decision-making, workload management, situation awareness and management of information.


English Language

As an indispensable ingredient to communicate and ensure learning facilitation and global pilot mobility.

User friendly Interface

3 Modules
Progress overview
Integrity check
Direct results

Candidate Interface

PILOT-360 platform is designed with candidates in mind, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive assessment experience.

Overview of Tests

Upon logging in, candidates will be greeted with a dashboard displaying all the tests they are required to complete. The best part? There is no set sequence! They can feel free to start with any test that they are comfortable with.

Instant Results Storage

No need to worry about losing their progress. The results of each test are saved immediately after completion.
Once they have finished all the tests, they can confidently log out from the PILOT-360 dashboard.

Guided Instructions

Before diving into a test, candidates must take a moment to go through its instructions. This will give them clarity on what is expected and how to navigate through the questions.

Time Management

Keeping an eye on the clock! They will have a total of 3 hours to finish all the tests. Candidates must pace themselves and ensure they allocate enough time for each section.

Progress Tracking

After finishing each test, its status will update from “Incomplete” to “Complete”. This allows you to keep track of the tests they have completed and those that are pending.

System Requirements

For an optimal assessment experience, candidates must ensure the following:

Admin Interface

Harness the power of Pilot 360’s dashboard to efficiently manage and assess your candidates, ensuring they’re primed for success in the aviation world!

Dashboard Overview

Upon logging in, the administrator users will be presented with a snapshot of:

Real-time Performance Graph

Below the overview, a dynamic graph illustrates the ongoing performance of your candidates. The P360 performance benchmark is set at 75% – this is the threshold that candidates must achieve to pass the assessment.

On the right of the graph, there are four timeline buttons to view average candidate performance over different time spans.

Navigation Menu

Located on the left, this menu provides access to:

Candidate Management

On the “candidates” option in the left menu, administrator users can view existing candidates or add new ones by:

Post activation, the candidate’s join status updates from ‘no’ to ‘yes’. Their registration date, assessment status, and completed test count can be viewed. For a deeper dive:

Each candidate’s result page starts with their details, followed by a management summary indicating a “excellent”, “pass”, “partial pass” or “fail”. Subsequent sections detail test categories and scores.

Administrator User Management

Optionally, other administrator users can be added. It is crucial to note that these users have equal access as the primary company account, including viewing candidate test results. However, the company account retains the authority to delete administrator users anytime.

Integrity Checks

Trust in Pilot 360 to deliver assessments that are both rigorous and authentic, setting the gold standard in aviation evaluations!

Web Browser Activity Monitoring

To prevent candidates from seeking external online resources during the test:

Webcam Monitoring

To guarantee that the candidate taking the assessment is the one registered:

Ensuring Authentic Assessments

At Pilot 360, we prioritize the authenticity and integrity of our assessments. To ensure that each candidate’s performance is genuine and unbiased, we’ve implemented a series of both overt and covert integrity checks.

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of assessment integrity. Our advanced checks ensure that every score and result reflects the true capabilities of the candidate, providing airlines, flight schools, and ATOs with genuine insights into their potential pilots.

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