About Us

Safety is our industry’s number one priority, and accident prevention critical. Being a professional pilot is a very demanding role and is directly linked to the safety of an airline’s passengers and its financial health. To increase operational safety, the civil aviation training community has globally started to shift from the traditional task-based training to competency-based training and assessment. Aptitude testing, being the first milestone in every pilot’s professional career, means that tests should be able to predict, at this early stag, the future performance of candidates in the defined set of pilot competencies.

PILOT-360 has proven to be highly effective and efficient. When correctly implemented, PILOT-360 can contribute to cost saving for the airline. Experience has shown that the costs associated with implementing an aptitude testing system are significantly lower than the consequences of high failure rates resulting from immature selection or screening processes.

PILOT-360 is an effective tool for an airline or an ATO to:

Improve operational safety and efficiency

Effectively use limited assessment resources

PILOT-360 is the most efficient way to ensure the psychometric ability of a candidate for successful training and a successful airline career, and to avoid disappointment and frustration for all stakeholders.